Monthly Archives: November 2007

Queen of Trees

Phew. Am I glad to be posting something positive or what! On 7 December 2007 View Finders Ltd will screen the award winning film the Queen of Trees, at the Oshwal Centre, Ring Road Westlands (opposite Nakumatt Ukay). Queen of Trees is the extraoridnary story about the African fig tree and the special relationship it […]

More forest destruction, this time from Rumuruti forest, Laikipia District

Sorry to be bring you more bad news. We have received some information about the continued destruction in Rumuruti forest. Below are excerpts from part of the report: Rumuruti Forest Reserve (6,217.8 hectares) straddles Salama and Marmanet locations, North- East of Nyhururu town, Laikipia West District. The forest extends along a large section of the […]

Destruction at Ngong Forest

As part of its activities, KFWG receives and acts on reports of forest destruction sent in by members and the general public. We will be posting some of these and updating you on any action that is being taken. Ngong forest Ngong Forest, is an indigenous forest located right within the confines of Nairobi city. […]

Project launched to improve Maasai Mau

The Government of Spain through UNEP has provided financial support towards a project aimed at stopping further deforestation and promoting reforestation within and around the Maasai Mau forest. The project named COMIFORM (Community based integrated forest resources conservation and management) will work with surrounding communities and Narok County Council, the Trustees of the forest. The […]

Controversy on the Shamba system back again

The announcement by David Mwiraria, Kenya’s Minister for Environment and Natural Resources, that the Shamba system is set to be re-introduced has re-ignited a long simmering controversy on whether the system is good or bad. The Shamba system, a method used to establish timber plantations through a form of agro-forestry in government managed forests, was […]

Maasai Mau forest takes heat from politics

Following up on the Maasai Mau post below, one of Kenya’s daily, the East African Standard reports that over 10,000 people evicted from the forest are moving back. The paper says, “President Kibaki during one of his campaign tours in the Rift Valley and, ostensibly after being ‘prevailed’ upon by local leaders, directed the Mau […]

Forests can be part of the elections too

It’s an election year in Kenya, and everywhere you look the elections are being discussed. It’s what we have been eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kenyans are somewhat obsessed with politics – but I hear this is a good thing; other Africans are said to envy the way Kenyans are able to and do […]