Post election violence: Impact on forests in western Kenya

We are involved in mapping the impact of post election violence on forests in western Kenya. This is part of a project funded by the Finnish Embassy in Kenya, through the WWF East Africa Regional Programme, that is being carried out by five NGOs – WWF, KFWG, Nature Kenya, IUCN and Forest Action Network – and the Kenya Forest Service (KFS).

Last month we traveled to North and South Nandi forests and parts of the Cherengany ecosystem where the impacts were most felt. There we witnessed destruction of forests plantation through illegal clear – cutting and burning. There were also instances of burning of forest stations and displacement of forest staff. Things are more or less back to normal. However, KFS still has to deal with lack of housing and offices for some of its staff.


Photo: What remains of the Cerengoni forest office

After the mapping, the team will embark on community forums and peace building efforts.


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  1. TheTeach
    Posted October 2, 2008 at 8:09 pm | Permalink

    This destruction is just a tragedy. With resources already stretched to the limit in a global economy in meltdown, this is the last thing Kenya needed. It never makes sense when people ransack and destroy their own community and resources. Cheers to the Kenyan management teams working hard to reconnect with the community and promote damage control and reconciliation. A special thanks to the Finnish embassy for investing its own nation’s funding in conservation reclamation in Kenya, despite the uncertainty of future political instability. Anger and frustration with Kenya’s political deadlock was understandable, but it was no excuse for people to further impoverish themselves and their ecosystem through acts of wanton destruction that hurt every Kenyan and the nation as a whole. The forests and wildlife of Kenya are the natural heritage of all the people. No group of individuals or one single tribal group have the right to destroy the natural wealth and management resources of the entire nation. With the future of natural resources so precariously balanced in the modern era, it is more important than ever that all people work together to preserve these precious resources for future generations.
    Best wishes to all working to be part of the solution for peace, political reconciliation, stability, security, and preservation of the natural heritage trust.

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