Monthly Archives: February 2009

Paradise in peril

If one went into the Baawa part of Kirisia forest in Samburu, on would be tempted to think they are in paradise. Hardly five minutes into the forest, we encountered a herd of elephants (one is barely visible in the photo below). We were told that had we stayed longer into the evening and waited […]

Some steal, some labor, some buy

We complain about it, we pretend not to use it (while picking our teeth after eating nyama choma cooked with it), we castigate those who burn and sell it, and sympathies with the masses that need it. Charcoal: the outcast in Kenya’s energy family. But who is the charcoal producer? In this  post, we re-visit […]

Perfumery sends Sandalwood numbers down

Kenya is losing the Sandalwood tree (Osyris lanceolata) to illegal harvesting. The harvesting – initially reported in the Chyulu hills – seems to have escalated and has now been reported in Kajiado, Taita, Amboseli and surrounding ranches, Samburu, Koibatek, and Kikuyu Escarpment and many other areas. In most areas it’s being harvested without much control. […]