Focus:Our attention is needed back!

Not too soon ago, the focus of our media was on Mau then ringera and now maybe something else is come,are we not gambling?is the kenyan media serious or taking attention of the real issues?i have only learnt that, if your content is not political then the media moght as well not even recognise your presence.

Just the other day, the Eawls gave a press conference that highlited the other areas of conservation besides Mau that needed to be focused, but only one media station highlited the issues.

One of the issues being the use of Furadan, a pesticide that was banned in America but still used in kenya.The pestcide is killing wild life and  threatening pollination of plants which is a primary process that farmers depend on for yields.They also brought up the issues of drying lakes like Naivasha .The wetlands have  also been  destroyed, an issue that has not been focused well.

With all this issues of grave concern,but still the media is not talking.Who is left to help?shoud we feed the information to a politician for it to be news?don’t we have journalists with environmental concerns?We forget so easly and the opinion shapers and those who set the agenda fro the country should not sit and watch innocent kenyans perish.

by naftal nyabuto

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