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Community nominations to conservation committees complete

Kenya’s 10 forest conservancies now have community representation to the Forest Conservation Committees (FCC). The process of getting representatives from Community Forest Associations (CFAs) was completed in the three remaining conservancies – North Eastern, Ewaso North and Nyanza.

On 8 April 2009, a CFAs and Community Based Organizations (CBO) election forum was held for North Eastern Conservancy at Nomads Hotel, Garissa. This forum brought together CBO and CFA representatives from the four (older) districts of Garissa, Ijara, Wajir and Mandera. This was the last of the election forums.

Four qualified persons were elected for appointment to the FCC: KHATRA YAKUB (Women representative from Garisa), ADEN YUSUF (Youth representative from Ijara), ALI ABDI (Mandera), and OMAR ABDULAHI (Wajir)

The election provided information on all aspects of the FCCs formation process and a forum to explore issues related to FCC formation. In particular, issues of CFAs representation, community level umbrella body, and establishing linkages between different levels of stakeholders and communities were discussed.