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Kenya: Atlas of our Changing Environment

UNEP has a new atlas on the environment and its contribution to Kenya’s economy and Vision 2030. According to UNEP, this Atlas does two unique things:kenyatlas-cover.jpg

• it assesses Kenya’s progress towards its own goals of improving the environment to achieve development goals; and
• it delivers a stunning bird’s-eye view of environmental change through the use of paired satellite images taken years apart.


In the first case, it demonstrates that the social and economic pillars of Kenya’s development plan, Vision 2030, need to be built on a solid foundation of environmental sustainability. Similarly, it teases out the links between the environment and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), showing how the 7th goal, environmental sustainability, underpins them all. In its second unique contribution, the Atlas contains an array of visual tools, including dozens of current and historical remote sensing images, 65 maps, and 229 photographs, that help scientifically document site-specific environmental change at 30 locations across
the country.

The atlas is available for download here where you can also read more about the atlas in the press release. The file is however very huge and a little impractical for the average download speeds in Kenya. Try downloading by chapters.

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